Pvotal Unveils End-To-End Cybersecurity Solution that Eliminates Common Vulnerabilities in Enterprise IT Infrastructure

Pvotal's end-to-end Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) solution allows for rapid code generation of enterprise-grade output that is not vulnerable to common tools used by hackers to gain access.


Software platform and applications company, Pvotal, unveiled its end-to-end solution for providing its clients with custom enterprise-level software-as-a-service (SaaS) and platform-as-a-service (PaaS) cloud computing models. According to Pvotal, its unique engineering approach reduces vulnerabilities and prevents common cybersecurity issues faced by poor design and manual implementations in conventional solutions.

Pvotal’s focus on automating processes reduces the number of human interactions in the development, deployment, and management processes of an IT solution. With over 400 internally designed libraries operating entirely under an Infrastructure-as-Code (Iac) model, Pvotal can rapidly build and deploy scalable solutions without human involvement in 80% of its pipeline. The internal libraries were created from scratch leveraging best practices from major open-source engines, allowing a higher level of security and reliability than businesses engineered manually or relying on several disparate, third-party solutions.

Yashin Manraj, CEO of Pvotal, says: “Pvotal’s strength is engineering a ‘real’ end-to-end solution. Companies often claim to be ‘end-to-end’ but rely on critical third-party software or code that may no longer be maintained, updated, or managed. Over the past few years, this over-reliance on third-party solutions has emerged as the main cause of why cyberattacks and breaches succeed and exponentially increase globally. In contrast, we deliver a higher level of security, reliability, and scalability with minimal effort. Also, by engineering our own libraries in Go and Flutter to work as a singular cohesive gRPC-powered solution, we offer solutions at a significantly lower cost than competitors.”

Pvotal does not consider cybersecurity as an optional service when developing a solution for their clients, but rather a functional design and engineering choice implemented at every level of a customer’s solution. While predicting future threats is nearly impossible, Pvotal’s cybersecurity experts have their ears to the ground, constantly analyzing all major cyberattacks and data breaches worldwide and taking preemptive measures to harden the infrastructure for all their clients against similar attacks.

“Having control over an end-to-end infrastructure enables us to rapidly eliminate the common concerns our clients may face. Before launching Pvotal, we spent two years in deep research and development of key libraries and processes to guarantee that our solution would provide a higher level of security and operability for all clients”

— Yashin Manraj, CEO

Manraj shares that Pvotal recently worked with a major client whose IT provider failed to deliver a solution in time for a global sporting event in Dubai. Pvotal remotely built a solution that handled ticketing, payment, stadium management, and sales in less than 30 days. Other sectors Pvotal has worked with include buy-now-pay-later platforms, banking solutions, high-velocity stock trading, and 3D video streaming. Most of its clients are referrals from previous ones, speaking of its capability to satisfy clients’ needs.

“We like having a new challenge every six to eight months, so we always do something exciting. Despite not knowing anything about horses initially, we built a horse app by connecting with equestrians to determine the pain points riders, farriers, and veterinarians go through. Ultimately, I believe this approach of immersing ourselves into the client’s business makes us better coders, developers, and partners”